Monday, August 1, 2011

Cashman makes right no-deal

Brian Cashman was at his best over the weekend by standing pat at the trading deadline. The Yankees already have a deeper starting staff than the Red Sox, Tampa Bay isn't going to make the postseason, and which pitching staff in the American League strikes fear in you?
The Yankees have the second lowest ERA in the AL over the first six innings and there was only one available pitcher, in theory and potential more than fact - Ubaldo Jimenez - who might have changed the Yankees' October.
Jimenez cost Cleveland four prospect, two said to be of substance, and for what? A pitcher with a 6-9 record, 4.46 ERA and an unspectacular .251 batting average against. We further remind you that he's coming to a league with a DH.
Cashman could have gotten Jimenez but does he make the Yankees better in October? Nothing suggests that as being highly likely. Erik Bedard makes the Red Sox better, but only because the Sox staff is in a medical mess.
If there was a big ticket pitcher available, Cashman would have and should have gone after him hard. But why slot in another guy who's no better, statistically, than what they have now? The Yankees aren't worrying about October of 2012. They'll be a guy as good or better than Jimenez available in the offseason. The only reason to give up a top prospect was if there was someone who clearly made them better right now.
Sure they're vulnerable in the starting rotation. But any deadline deal would have left them as vulnerable as they are today.