Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Connect the dots from Galea to Woods, A-Rod

One can't help but connect the dots to Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez following the guilty plea of Dr. Anthny Galea Wednesday to charges of bringing unapproved drugs, including HGH, into the U.S. to treat professional athletes.We can't tell you that Galea treated Woods or Rodriguez against U.S. law, and both megastars have denied improper treatment. But lets face it, Woods and Rodriguez have built a significant portion of their celebrity on lies -- A-Rod with his admitted steroid use and Woods with his multiple adulterous affairs.
Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that Galea, who does not have a licence to practice medicine in the U.S., came into the U.S. on numerous occasions from 2007 through September 2009 to treat professional athletes in 13 locations, including New York City, Miami, Washington, D.C. and Boston to administer four different kinds of controversial treatments.
Should we give A-Rod and Woods a pass?
That's a personal choice. But it's inconceivable that Woods and Rodriguez failed to do their due diligence when seeking out Galea, so any notion that they were innocent dupes caught in Galea's web of illegal practice is a simplistic and illogical assumption.
The dots, alone, suggest the worst.


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