Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Clemens verdict was in long before prosecutors messed up

America has long since made up its mind about the guilt or innocence of Roger Clemens, so maybe in their zealous ineptness, Federal prosecutors did all of us a service by causing a mistrial. Does anyone really want to see Rocket Roger spent time in jail? What would that prove? What opinion would that change?America is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Clemens used performance enhancing drugs and has lied about it with the same sense of delusional arrogance  that Pete Rose denied betting on baseball for 15 years ... until the all-time hit king admitted he lied about gambling on baseball.
Aside from the momentary "aha!" of an overhyped trial, or hearing Andy Pettitte squirm by telling the truth about Clemens, a lengthy trial would have bored us silly with the obvious, with more lying and at an exorbitant price to taxpayers.
There is nothing Clemens could do or say to convince America that Brian McNamee wasn't firing PEDs into his butt over a sustained period of time. So let the thing go. Let Rocket tell whoever wants to listen that he was framed by McNamee and others, that he is pure as the driven snow, and that he is worthy of the Hall of Fame.
We don't need him behind bars to neither believe, nor care what he's selling. Hopefully he'll go away quietly, though I suspect he'll create more noise about his innocence than ever.


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