Monday, July 11, 2011

All-Star defections spoiling the game

As we alluded to in Sunday's IWT, the proliferation of All-Star pull-outs - guys who played the weekend - have reduced the midseason classic into the NFL's Pro Bowl.
An incredible 84 players, at last count, have been selected to Tuesday game because of all the defections, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, two superstars and players to look up to, are setting a horrible trend that threatens to become epidemic. Jeter was well enough to go 5-for-5 Saturday, play again Sunday, and he's too hurt to play in the All-Star game? Didn't Rivera mop up Jeter's 5-hit game?
The problem may be bigger even than Jeter and Rivera because by every indication, teams are encouraging players with nagging injuries to skip the game. Half or more of the combined All-Star roster probably would do well to rest. That's just the nature of a long, gruelling baseball season.
Moreover, any team that doesn't want its ace to pitch in the All-Star game merely needs to start him on Sunday, making that pitcher automatically ineligible.
You simply can't continue to give the game any home-field World Series significance when it's being treated like a second-class event by its own players and teams.
Bud Selig needs to make sure that players who are healthy enough to play the weekend before the All-Star Game count as a roster spot. Otherwise, we're left with a home-run derby and an over-hyped spring training exhibition game.


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