Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mets medics pathetic

Should anyone be surprised that Mets first baseman Ike Davis might be out the season with a three week injury? Almost without fail, the team's medical staff either misdiagnosis a player's injury, or misdiagnosis the period of recovery.
Carlos Beltran became so confused and disillusioned by the Mets medical staff, he had knee surgery prior to the 2010 without consulting the team.
David Wright was supposed to resume baseball activities in 10 days after suffering a stress fracture in his back in mid-May. We’re now into his second month on the shelf.
As far back as 2004, Jose Reyes went out with a hamstring injury that was supposed to keep him out three-four weeks, tops. Months later, after one futile attempt at a return, they spent half the summer trying to teach him to run differently. If that don’t beat all. Reyes played only 53 games that year.
Again in 2009, Reyes suffered a hamstring injury that kept him out months, not weeks. Everywhere else, hamstring injuries seem to run their course within a month with proper medical supervision. Carlos Delgado, Ryan Church and Billy Wagner, all pivotal to the team’s success, fell victim to the curse of the Mets medical expertise over the last two or three years.
It’s a long list and it ultimately fall on the shoulders Jeff Wilpon, who would rather keep buddies than hire professionals to do the job right the first time.


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