Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Celts, Perkins, Shaq and sabotage

Doc Rivers stated the obvious Tuesday when he said he regretted the Kendrick Perkins deal, specifically the timing of sending Perkins to Oklahoma City for Jeff Green.
Seems to me, though, that the biggest mistake made by the Celtics was not the timing, but their judgment. The Celtics were obviously convinced that Shaquille O'Neal could play 20 minutes a night and give the team the necessary muscle come playoff time.
It was a collosal leap of faith, given that Shaq has been a broken down tractor trailer for several years and he ain't getting younger and healthier, carrying around 300-plus pounds.
If the Celtics considered the downside on Shaq, there's no way any reasonable person would have traded Perkins and sabotaged their May.


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