Saturday, May 14, 2011

Odd Posada night is leading down dead end

As a rule of thumb, professional athletic careers don't end well. For every guy who goes out with a flourish or on his terms, there's a dozen who are cut, benched, have lost their skills, and are forced out of town. Sadly, that seems to be the way it's unfolding for Jorge Posada, the longtime Yankee catcher who pulled himself out of the lineup prior to Saturday's rivalry game with the Red Sox.
Posada has been a great Yankee and champion over the years, but from the moment he balked about being the DH this offseason, through a listless first six weeks at the plate, and Saturday's controversial decision to pull himself out of the lineup with a much debated back injury, we can see the end of Posada's career in the side-view mirror window (objects may be closer than they appear).
He'll always be part of the Yankee family, but we question if he'll be part of the active roster by the all-star break.


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