Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yanks should target Beltran

If I were the Yankees I'd make a strong bid for Carlos Beltran, who is not only an upgrade in right field, but might have a lot of mileage in his knees as a DH – especially with so much controversy swirling around Jorge Posada.
Would the Mets ship him to the Yankees? That’s the million dollar question, but how could they not for a couple juicy prospects? The Mets aren’t going to re-sign him, so why not get some future for him.
Under normal circumstances, the Mets would never knowingly trade a quality bat like Beltran across town where every big hit would be magnified in the tabloids. But in this case, I don't think Mets fans would be hostile – or should be hostile ‑ to the move. Beltran is on borrowed time with the Mets, so it’s the team’s responsibility to maximize the return. The Yankees have some jewels in their farm system.
It makes sense both ways, and forget the sensitivity. It’s a win-win trade.


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