Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nate Miles adds what to the conversation?

The Final Four bombshell about Nate Miles certainly makes you take notice, but in the end, little was changed either in perception or reality by the belatedly outspoken Miles.
Whether you believe Miles has credibility or not, what exactly did he say that we didn’t already know or strongly suspect?
In so many words, the NCAA had already said that Calhoun bore great responsibility for all that transpired and assessed substantial penalties against Calhoun and his program.
At the time of the NCAA verdict, we wrote that “to suggest that (Calhoun), who makes few moves without carefully thought out motive, should be distanced from his assistant coaches and director of operations, is to insult the intelligence of the public.”
So again, other than to re-stir the pot at a time of highest exposure, did Miles change anyone’s opinion on Calhoun, or on the matter of infractions?
Calhoun and his program have already been sentenced for what Miles told the Times. Other than hearing the words from the horse’s mouth – which according to Calhoun’s attorney Scott Tompsett , was in direct contradiction to a signed statement by Miles to the NCAA last year – the NCAA and the court of public opinion had already formed its conclusion long before the Times story.
Those who are agin Calhoun will stay agin. Those who like him will continue to do so.


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